Since Soundscape Digital Technology Limited first introduced the revolutionary SSHDR1 in August 1993, it has consistently provided the most complete, affordable and reliable solution for high quality digital audio recording and editing on the PC, and Soundscape has consistently set the milestones for audio editing in Windows :-

The first expandable multi-track DAW for Windows 3.1.
The first expandable multi-track DAW for Windows 95.
The first DAW for Windows with 3rd party DSP based plug-ins.
The first professional, expandable DAW for Windows NT and with full video support.
The first DAW for Windows with comprehensive hardware controller support.
The first professional, expandable DAW for Windows 2000.

Soundscape has the best track record in the business for producing reliable software and hardware, and for many years has proven a firm commitment to new and existing and users alike, with regular free of charge major software upgrades adding numerous editing features. The on-going investment in research and development and the support of some of the world's top companies in audio, video, radio and sequencing, will continue to produce many new exciting hardware and software options, and (we hope) more industry recognition awards like the SSAIRA Best Audio Recorder Award in 2000.

At Soundscape we believe that purchasing our products is also an investment in us, and this investment deserves to be returned. This is why we are investing more heavily in product design now, than at any time previously and we will continue our efforts to provide you with the best features possible. A Soundscape Digital Audio Workstation is one of the very few products that does not become quickly replaced by next year's 'new model' but instead continues to be enhanced, giving you new levels of performance. We would encourage you to talk with some of our existing users to find out how satisfied they are not just with the performance of the system, but also with our attitude to the crucial issue of after sales support.

The facts speak for themselves. A system purchased in 1993 still has fully up to date software features today (like 24 bit recording and full dynamic mix automation), and in fact, the current release of software is available free of charge for all Soundscape DAW users. Unlike most competing systems, the cost of ownership of a Soundscape DAW over this period has been virtually negligible.

A major advantage of the Soundscape approach with separate dedicated hardware, is that the PC is not required to perform any audio processing, playback, storage or synchronisation and becomes just a control 'front end' for the hardware. This means that for the Soundscape DAW it can be a very low specification PC and can be used simultaneously for other applications, such as MIDI sequencing, running a video editing system, browsing the internet, sending faxes, editing documents etc. without affecting the audio performance at all. Use with Laptop PCs is another unique aspect of the R.Ed hardware architecture, as this is just not possible with other competing DAWs, without adding an expensive PCI expansion unit.

The actual audio specification of R.Ed and iBox interface hardware easily exceeds that of 'soundcard' type systems (where the converters are inside the PC), as inside the R.Ed there is a 'clean' linear power supply just for the analogue circuitry, unaffected by digital noise from fans, hard drives or other high speed circuitry that is always present in a PC. In addition, signal levels (up to +24dBU) and connectors (XLR) are consistent with those normally expected of professional audio equipment.