So, you have decided to build your own studio. You have set up all the gear, the cables, and even laid down some new furniture. You are now on your way to getting some home audio recordings done.

Before you proceed, however, you need to have a full understanding of how the recording process works.  It goes a little something like this:

  • Tracking – This refers to the process of recording each part of your song. Every component sound, from the vocals to the lead and rhythm guitar and the drums, all have to be put on their own separate tracks.
  • Mixing – This stage refers to the process of bringing together all your recorded tracks. This is how a song becomes a song, as all the component sounds are melded together to create a unified track. You can do this digitally or with an analog mixing console.
  • Mastering – This is where you will put the final touches on your track in order to make it sound professional. You need to ensure that there is an even audio level throughout the entire track.

Contrary to popular belief, making audio recordings is not as simple as pressing the record button. There are steps to it, after all.